Print Buyer

If a print buyer works with differnt photographers, agencies, pre-press shops and printers, it is necessary to agree on and control the usage of standards in the production chain. Using the same standards by the companies involved results in:

  • similar separation of RGB images at different places
  • similar softproof (on the side of the print buyer and all other companies)
  • similar contracts proofs
  • similar print results

During the pre-press work the most important tool for standardization is the usage of the correct color-profiles. The basis for these profiles are characterization-data representing the agreed standards and specifications for the print production.

The official global overview for all characterization-data used in the standardized print production is available from the International Color Consortium ICC.

Based on the characterization-data some organizations or companies like e.g ECI, SWOP, GRACoL or Adobe are deliviring ICC-Profiles.

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