Standard Characterization Data

If a print buyer, agency/pre-pess and printer agreed on standards / specifications for the print production, it is necessary to choose the correct profiles for the printing process and paper type. These profiles must be calculated from characterization-data which are referenced in the specification. The following list shows the actual relevant characterization-data for main specifications. A complete list of all the standard characterization-data is hosted at the ICC-website

PSO Process Standard Offset printing according ISO 12647-2(FOGRA / bvdm / ECI)
FOGRA39: coated paper sheetfeed / weboffset
FOGRA45: LWC paper improved weboffset
FOGRA46: LWC paper standard weboffset
FOGRA47: uncoated paper mainly sheetfeed
FOGRA30: uncoated yelloish paper mainly sheetfeed
FOGRA40: SC paper yelloish weboffset
FOGRA41: MFC paper neutral white weboffset
FOGRA42: Standard Newsprint in heatset printing
download from FOGRA

Outdated FOGRA characterization-data
FOGRA27 ( coated paper – replaced with FOGRA39)
FOGRA28 (LWC paper – replaced with FOGRA 45/46)
FOGRA29 (uncoated paper – replaced with FOGRA47)

GRACoL / SWOP specs, partly compatible to ISO 12647-2
GRACoL2006coated1: coated paper grade 1# sheetfeed
SWOP2006coated3: coated paper grade 3# weboffset
SWOP2006coated5: coated paper grade 5# weboffset
download from GRACoL/SWOP

System Brunner
EUROSB104 coated paper mainly sheetfeed download from ICC
EUROSB204 LWC paper white weboffset download from ICC
download from System Brunner

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