Digital Proofing according ISO 12647, PSO or SWOP / GRACoL has several advantages for the standardized print production. Firstly it is the only vendor indepent solution for reaching similar proofing results on differnt proofing solutions.
Secondly it is the only vendor independent solution, which allows the verification of proofs both on the side of the proof creator and the printing house.

Calibration and DeviceLink profiles for proofing standards
In the past – and for a range of proofing solutions today – the calibration and profiling of the proofing solution for high end quality was a task for color management expert. With the introduction of standard characterization-data for PSO and SWOP / GRACoL, the vendors have the possibility to offer optimized profile combination for the print reference and the Ink / poffing media combination. In most cases this profile combination is stored as an devicelink profile. Typical optimizations for devicelink profiles in the proofing area are the itration for perfect colorimetric values and e.g. very slight manual adjustments of the whitepoint / paper simulation.
Such kind of optimization makes only sense, if the proofing solution offers a powerful calibration for the ink / media combination. After calibration, the color output of the proofing solution is identical with a reference system at the vendors site, from which the optimized profiles were generated. After one (!) calibration, the operator can use the delivered devicelink-profiles from the proofing vendor to get perfect results. High end proofing definitely needs no more color specialists, if the proofing solutions contain optimized profiles and a powerful calibration.

Proofing systems with calibration and optimized devicelink profiles according PSO and SWOP / GRACoL
The following solutions are delivered with devicelink profiles and an independent calibration. Please note that are still differences between the systems for e.g. the simplicity and quality of the calibration assistent or the quality of the delivered devicelink-profiles.
If you plan to buy a proofing solution, it is a very good idea to see a live demo of the calibration of the proofing solution and to output some testfiles on 2 or 3 differnt proofing standards according PSO or SWOP / GRACoL.


Proofing Solutions without optimized DeviceLink Profiles for PSO or SWOP / GRACoL
In december 2007 the following solutions are not shipped with optimized DeviceLink profiles. In most cases it takes a bigger effort and more specialiced knowledge is necessary to reach steadily comparable results to the systems of the first group.

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