Software ISO 12647 implementation and verification

If ISO 12647 should be implemented at a printer, the first big step is implementation and the second step is verification. The steps for implementation for sheetfeed printing are at least:
1. finding the optimal wet densities for the primaries, which are leading to dry Lab-values matching the ISO 12647-2 aims
(These values are mostly depending on the used ink but also on the dry back and color of the paper)
2. Adjusting the CTP-curves for matching the ISO 12647-2 TVI aims on the printed sheet
(The CtP correction is depending on the combination of CTP, press, paper and ink)
3. Printing a testform with the optimal wet densities and corrected CtP-curves and verification of the print process to be conform to ISO 12647-2.

Software for implementation of ISO 12647-2 deliver the necessary functionality for all these steps. Examples for such software are

Bodoni PressSIGN
Colorware PressView
GMG Print Control
Heidelberg Prinect Color Toolbox
IPM Print Process Control
Mellowcolour PrintSpec
MetaDesign MetaPrintCheck

Software for verification only is much cheaper as the complete solution for implementation and can be used both on the sides of the print buyer and the printer. The most important vendor independent control strip is the ECI/bvdm GrayCon

Bodoni PressSIGN PrintBuyer
BasICColor certify
CGS certified press
GMG RapidCheck
Heidelberg Quality Monitor

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